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How To Make a Sombrero for Bento

Posted on 2009.02.25 at 11:45


I made the sombrero using pillsbury recipe creations dough.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Make a hat shaped mold using aluminum foil and shape with fingers until you get the shape you want. I wrapped the foil around the top of my avocado to make sure it would fit on top of him and then started shaping it around his "head"
Spray the foil mold with some non stick cooking spray!

Unroll the dough, drape it over mold, press and shape dough around the mold with fingers. Be careful not to get the dough too thin or it will rip. Not too thick either or it will look like a ballon!

Now decorate with anything you like, wetting the dough to stick the decorations on. I used bell peppers and carrots. Keep in mind the dough will expand a little....you can see where my squiggly carrots got disconnected because the expansion.

Stick it in the oven! The cooking time and temperature may vary depending on how big and thick your dough is. Just keep checking on it and take it out when you see it browning.

This is a really cool way to decorate and add some carbs to your bentos! Of course, you don't HAVE to make a sombrero. You can shape the dough into anything you want!

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