More Bears & Rainbow Bread! Bento #41

So I attempted to make rainbow bread again. This time I had enough time to knead all the colors in but...I forgot to add the yeast in so it did not rise like I wanted it to! AHH!! So i made bread sticks instead of the loaf :( The colors are too light tho. It looks like cotton candy >.<

I got the pooh shaped ravioli from Target in the frozen food section :)

More details on this bento here.


How to make perfect, pretty sandwich rolls

Why make a boring, square, flat, colorless, sandwich for lunch when you can make sandwich rolls?!

But are your sandwich rolls falling apart? Not staying together? Not round? Messy? Just plain ugly?
For tips on how to make sandwich rolls go here!

Sandwich rollls are cute, cuddly, and bite sized!


How to Make an Orange Bear

I have been wanting to do a tutorial on this bear but realized that navel oranges may be too big for normal sized bento boxes. So in this tutorial, I will show you how to make a bear from a cute sized minneola/ tangelo/ mandarin/ baby orange/ whatever you call those things!

First, go to your local grocery store and get some of these cuties.

Take your knife and cut it in half... this. Save the half with the stem for the face.

Now lop off a little bit of the bottom. This is so your bear will sit flat and not roll around in your box.

These next couple of steps are optional, but I just do it to make it easier to eat (don't have to peel it later).
Run your knife around between the peel and orange...

...and take the orange out.

Take the little circular piece you cut off earlier and put it in here, like a bowl.

Put your orange half in the bowl. Now you are finished with the bear's bottom ^_^

Now take the other half of your orange and cut it in half .

Then cut the orange out.

Take your peel and cut it in half, then place it around the body of your bear and kinda measure where you want his arms to be. It should look like he is holding the orange. You want to have enough peel left over for the ears.

Cut the paws out like this. I use scissors for the rest of these steps because it's easier for me to cut round things out with them than a knife.

Using whatever peel you have leftover from the arms, cut out the ears. Then scrape out the white pith on the back to make them thinner for the next step.

Make a slit at the top of your bear's face for the ear.

Put one ear in, white side out, and make another slit for the other ear.

You can use anything for the eyes. Here I used two cloves. For the above bear, I just poked out two holes with a chopstick.

Place the other half of your orange on top of the bear's bottom for the body. Secure with toothpick and wrap the arms around the body.

Put a toothpick in your bear's head and stick it in the back of the body.

The finished product! His ears are crooked, but he's still so cute you just wanna eat him!


How to Make a Cherry Tomato Rose

There are many videos and tutorials on the internet that show you how to make a tomato rose, but those can be a bit big for bento boxes! In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a cherry tomato rose. This is almost the same as making a rose with regular sized tomatoes, but there is an extra step, and I think it makes this look much prettier!

You will need:
  • A SHARP knife
  • 2 cherry or grape tomatoes
  • Something green for your leaves, e.g. cucumber skin, mint leaves
Start peeling the skin with your knife. Begin at the very top. This will be the base for your rose to help it stand.

Continue peeling around, downwards into a spiral shape.

Use TWO HANDS, not one like me in the picture! I needed my other hand to take pictures. You should hold the knife in place and use your other hand to rotate the tomato against the edge of the knife.

Don't worry about getting it perfectly straight.

When you finish peeling the whole thing, the tomato skin should look somewhat like this.

Now, starting at the end, roll up your peel.

When you finish, this should be what the bottom looks like (the base).

And it should stand up nicely like this.

If you were doing this with a regular tomato, you would stop here.

But this is a cherry tomato, so the peel is not long enough and it looks incomplete.

So on to the next step!

Take your second tomato and peel it starting on the side. You don't need to start at the top like the first tomato because these will be the petals and they don't need a base.

Finish peeling in a downwards spiral.

Take your peel and tear it into four equal pieces. Tear with your fingers. Don't cut with your knife because it will look too straight.

Arrange the four petals around the first tomato roll, slightly overlapping the petals.
It should look like this!

Now go find something green to use as the leaves for the rose.

Put your leaves under the rose and....TA -DA!

You have made a rose out of a cherry tomato!

If your rose starts to fall apart, you can secure it with a toothpick or a straight piece of uncooked pasta. But my roses usually stay put.

That was easy, wasn't it? This is a great little decoration for bento and looks more impressive than just throwing a whole cherry tomato into your box. You could also do this with different colored tomatoes or small lemons/limes, etc.


How To Make a Sombrero for Bento


I made the sombrero using pillsbury recipe creations dough.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Make a hat shaped mold using aluminum foil and shape with fingers until you get the shape you want. I wrapped the foil around the top of my avocado to make sure it would fit on top of him and then started shaping it around his "head"
Spray the foil mold with some non stick cooking spray!

Unroll the dough, drape it over mold, press and shape dough around the mold with fingers. Be careful not to get the dough too thin or it will rip. Not too thick either or it will look like a ballon!

Now decorate with anything you like, wetting the dough to stick the decorations on. I used bell peppers and carrots. Keep in mind the dough will expand a can see where my squiggly carrots got disconnected because the expansion.

Stick it in the oven! The cooking time and temperature may vary depending on how big and thick your dough is. Just keep checking on it and take it out when you see it browning.

This is a really cool way to decorate and add some carbs to your bentos! Of course, you don't HAVE to make a sombrero. You can shape the dough into anything you want!

HI! I'm new here

Helloooooo! I've been making bentos for about a month now but haven't had time to post until now, here is my valentines bento... <<go there to see a description and the rest of my bentos!

I am entering this bento in pikkopots furikake frenzy drawing, lunch in a box's my valentine bento contest, and otoro's contest!